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Discover the Hidden Advantages of Air Conditioning Your Texas Home

When Texas’ sizzling hot temperatures roll in, there are two ways you can beat the heat: You can play it cool by air conditioning your home—or you can grin and bear it through the hot summer months with no form of chilled relief.

If you opt for the latter, ask yourself: Is suffering through the heat with no AC worth it?

Well, our team at Arthur Heating & Air doesn’t think so. You see, we’re big fans of AC. The reason for this isn’t just because air-conditioned homes have cooler air, less humidity and make for a sweat-free summer. There are a plethora of other benefits to keeping your space cool.

From protecting your home’s investments to safeguarding your health, these hidden benefits will make you think twice about forgoing AC.

Home Is Where the Heat Isn’t

From couches to flooring, furnishings and accents are what differentiate a house from a home. However, if you choose to forgo air conditioning, you can say goodbye to your space’s homey feel and say hello to the hot disaster of heat-damaged accessories.

When it comes to flooring, wood floors have a tendency to absorb moisture. Over time, this causes your floors to warp, which, if ignored, could lead to the need for a full floor replacement. However, you can protect your wood floors from damage and spare your wallet from unnecessary replacement costs by keeping your environment cool and humidity-free with AC.

If your home isn’t air conditioned, then don’t buy anything leather. You see, leather naturally absorbs moisture that’s in the air. And, unfortunately, water causes leather to rot. So, whether you’re looking to invest in a leather couch or add leather accents around your home, air conditioning your space is the key to keeping your leather stylish and odor-free.

Are Your Electronics Being Left to Their Own Devices?

From dehydration to heat strokes, it’s clear that heat and humidity are dangerous for your health. But, believe it or not, the severity of damage that heat can wreak on your body can also be done to your electronic devices.

Nowadays, people depend on their devices for everything. Because of this, protecting them is a necessity. Air conditioning your home is the most effective way to prevent your computer, your cell phone and even your common household appliances from absorbing excess humidity and heat. It will help make your devices last longer, run more efficiently and require fewer replacements or repairs.

The ABCs of Quality Zzz’s

A good night’s sleep is crucial for conquering the day ahead but, more importantly, it’s essential for your overall wellbeing. Conversely, spending all night tossing and turning makes for a workday that is devoted to holding your eyelids open, rather than doing your work.

Well, here’s a little secret for better sleep: If you want to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and simply enjoy quality sleep every night, then you need to retain your body’s core temperature. This is where air conditioning comes into play.

While you’re asleep, warm air causes your heart rate and your blood pressure to rise. This consistently wakes you from your sleep or, even worse, prevents you from falling asleep altogether. But AC stops this from happening. The cool air it delivers gives your body the ability to retain its natural temperature regulation, thus giving you the restful night of sleep you deserve.

Keep Your Temper Tamed

As your thermostat’s mercury rises, so do the tempers in your home. As you may know, hot air tends to bring out the worst in people. But, with air conditioning, you can keep your home at a consistently cool temperature. This prevents you and your family from getting heated and retains the peace in your home.

Air Condition Your Home. It’s the Cool Thing to Do

Once you get a taste of chilled relief, you’ll never want to be without it. Well, with us on your side, you never have to be. You see, from in-depth tune-ups to thorough system inspections, our comfort specialists will give your air conditioner the TLC it needs to continue operating like new for years to come.

So, from installing a new air conditioner in your home to keeping your cooling system running smoothly, there’s only one team you can trust to get the job done right, the first time around—and that’s Arthur Heating & Air. To get started, fill out our online form or call us at (866) 458-4765 today!


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